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Understanding insurance fees and access

Without fail, I always receive questions and concerns about plan deductibles. Most believe that you must satisfy the entire deductible before any services are covered. Let’s put that myth to bed. The annual deductible applies only to the services billed until the deductible is met. The member is only paying the contracted price for that […]

5 tips to streamline employee benefits education

Benefits are complicated and getting more so.   Unfortunately, benefits education has often been reduced to a one-hour open enrollment meeting a year. Since benefits are one of the top three investments or line items (depending on how you look at it), doesn’t it merit more attention?   Spending the time to fully educate yourself on your […]

Team up to clean up

Over the years, we all have our customer situations that stand out, and we remember. As my first client with Sapoznik Insurance, a World Company, and a referral from a partner agency, this one was particularly memorable. One of the things that attracted me to this organization is its dedication to its clients year-round. In […]