Kathleen Barrow

Kathy has nearly three decades of experience helping employers correct tax and fiduciary issues with payroll, executive compensation and employee benefits.

Her national practice includes strategic assistance with ERISA matters, compliance programs and corrections of documentation and operational errors.

Kathy has a keen understanding of how and when to work with state and federal agencies, which contributes to her successful resolutions of tax issues with the U.S. Treasury and state and local tax authorities. Even with matters that involve millions of dollars in payroll and income taxes, her focus is to find solutions that mitigate burdens on impacted employees and avoid requirements to amend their personal tax returns.

Kathy’s clients include employers across a range of industries, nonprofit organizations, health care providers and school districts. She has handled cases that involve the U.S. Treasury Office of Tax Policy; the Department of Labor, Employee Benefit Security Administration; massive payroll corrections involving thousands of employees; and has led representation before the U.S. Tax Court, various U.S. District Courts and Courts of Appeals throughout the country.

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