2021 Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey Summary

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation,  health benefits figures haven’t changed much year over year. While premium growth exceeds earnings and inflation increases, the differences are minor. Additionally, while there have been some changes in terms of employer-sponsored benefits, only telemedicine has gained significant traction. Interestingly, it seems the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t impact health benefits as much as some experts originally predicted—enrollment, contributions, and cost-sharing have remained more or less the same. This article summarizes the key takeaways from the 2021 health benefits survey.

Employers trying to recoup losses through increased cost-sharing in 2022 remains to be seen. However, the tight labor market may affect such plans. Moving forward, employers should begin to identify tools and resources to offset higher premiums. For more information on benefits offerings or what you can do to control your healthcare costs, contact Sapoznik Insurance today.

Summary of the 2021 Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey