Tips For Managing A Multi-Generational Workplace

Today, people from many generations are working alongside each other, all trying to contribute to the same mission. Use this infographic to help better understand your employees and to improve things like work environment, management style and employee productivity.

Baby Boomer in the Workplace

BABY BOOMERS (1946-1964)

Work Ethic: Workaholics, competitive
Preferred Work Environment: Democratic
Interactive Style: Team player, loves meetings
Motivated by: Recognition, being valued and monetary rewards

For HR managers, baby boomers best respond to:

  • Honest, simple language on benefits programs and financial planning
  • Financial scenarios versus conversations
  • Messages about how to conserve/pass on their wealth to the next generation

Most Valued Benefits: Salary, health insurance and retirement plan

Generation X in the Workplace

GENERATION X (1965-1981)

Work Ethic: Efficient, self-reliant
Preferred Work Environment: Flexible and fun
Interactive Style: Entrepreneur
Motivated by: Freedom, removal of rules and time off

For HR managers, Gen X-ers best respond to:

  • Casual informational sessions
  • Benefits offering to help build a secure future
  • Information on retirement and employers matching 401(k) contribution amounts

Most valued benefits: Work-life balance, career opportunity, 401(k) and salary

Millennial in the Workplace

MILLENNIALS (1982-1994)

Work Ethic: Ambitious, multi-tasker, tenacious Preferred Work Environment: Collaborative, creative and continuous feedback
Interactive Style: Participative
Motivated by: Autonomy, trust and time off

For HR managers, millennials best respond to:

  • Frequent feedback on performance, both good and bad
  • Open communication lines with HR and managers
  • Multi-platform employee-facing communications about benefits offerings, open enrollment, etc.

Most valued benefits: Paid time off, ability to work remotely, benefit choices, wellness initiatives

Generation Z in the Workplace

GENERATION Z (1995-2012)

Work Ethic: Intense, pragmatic, project-oriented
Preferred Work Environment: Collaborative, fun, flexible and clearly defined chain of command
Interactive Style: Entrepreneurial, face-to-face, teamwork Motivated by: Opportunity for advancement, participatory decision-making and being involved

For HR managers, Gen Z-ers best respond to:

  • Honest and open communications from HR and managers
  • Expansive voluntary benefits offerings
  • Messages about how to plan for their financial and physical well-being

Most valued benefits: flexibility, salary, health insurance, assistance with student loan debt