A Reboot for Regal Cinemas & for many: Our Lives Interrupted

The entertainment giant Regal Cinemas was brought to a grinding halt as new standards have been mandated for how we live daily life. The changes we hope are temporary, but so many of them inevitable.

This past Sunday, Michael (my husband) and I were running our usual weekend errands in preparation for the week ahead. A quick trip to Costco, lunch, and a few curbside orders to pick up. We then found ourselves at the traffic light directly across from the Regal 18 Screen Theatre, and the very empty parking lot. “Are you kidding me . . .  “, the signs are all gone. All of the signs are gone!”  The giant letters that had once adorned the front of the building were gone. It was another sad, empty building in our Farragut shopping center that looked desolate from the dirty outline of the previous signage that had hung for so many years.

Doing what I do, I jump on my phone and search, “Regal Cinemas” . . .  I started to get excited because several articles popped up that were less than 23 hours old. Local news and their national press releases, showing that an opening date is in the near future. “Regal announces reopening August 21st, 2020 across the country.”

I felt a sigh of relief, “Honey, they are reopening. Movie Theatres are coming back.”

You see, Regal Cinema is where I had my very first job, at 16. The Twin Cinema in Danville, Ky. And in small-town America, where I grew up, the movie theatre was one of THE few venues we had. And my next-door neighbor, Bruce, made it seem so cool. So, it was great getting paid to work where most everyone in town would be on Friday or Saturday night, free movies, and first dibs on movie posters. Nostalgia. Yes, that’s definitely me. Nostalgic.

I think that living in our current “NEW NORMAL,” we have all found out that we are creatures of habit, and do not like change. My role in my family, as taught by my grandmother and my mother, has always been “making things better.”  No matter what, we will survive this pandemic, we will come out on the other side. That is what I have known for my whole life. We can get thru whatever is thrown at us. Even the changes of wearing masks in public places, and meeting more people thru ZOOM and not shaking hands.

I think that is one of the reasons that working as a Benefits Consultant in the Health Insurance industry has come so naturally for me. Providing answers and explaining to our clients that we have solutions to their problems when it comes to medical and prescription coverage. Even in times like this, knowing that if someone loses their job, we can still provide REAL answers to their problems. Much like Regal has its reopening date and will resume business with the new normal, other businesses will return as well. Helping them comb through the ever-changing benefits landscape is what jolts me out of bed because we can and will get through this new life together.

Written by Joy Sexton, Benefits Consultant, Sapoznik Insurance