Dear 2020

Dear 2020,

I have no doubt as to your historical significance. It has been a year that no one will ever forget or want to go through again. I never imagined that as I was having dinner with my family at Truluck’s on New Year’s eve, celebrating the upcoming new decade with great hope and promise, our world would be turned upside down. I never imagined that our freedoms would be challenged and that I would not be able to leave my apartment without a mask (#wearamask) or not be able to hug and kiss my family and friends (yes, I’m Cuban, so we greet everyone with a kiss).

The lack of human contact has been tough – no large parties, no leisurely sitting at a restaurant for hours, no traveling, and your economic toll has been astonishing. You have been a nightmare for families who lost their jobs and loved ones, small businesses, the hospitality industry, and too many other things to mention. You have caused so much suffering and have changed our world forever!

As a positive person, I try to reflect on the good that has come from you. That is one tall task, but I’m giving it a try . . .

  • The importance of family and friends and of having an amazing support system
  • The unbelievable dedication of our healthcare workers
  • The American spirit of helping one another in times of crisis, and the ingenuity exhibited by our country (think of car factories making ventilators, the major advent of telehealth, and convention centers serving as hospitals)
  • Discovering new TV shows and movies
  • A new vaccine was developed and introduced to the market in record time
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • And yes, Zoom calls that have enabled businesses to survive, loved ones to connect, and unfortunately being able to say goodbye to a dying relative or friend (and let’s not forget the new meaning of phrases such as “you’re on mute,” “we don’t see you,” and “please mute yourself”)

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is that you gave us the challenge of forcing us to adapt to any situation. You pushed us to be creative in ways we never imagined. Connecting became a priority for business and our well-being as humans.

So, as I bid you adieu, I want to thank you for the lessons learned, but I am looking forward to a new year and pray that we never meet again.

Yours truly,

Bibi Lucki



Written by Beatriz Lucki, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Sapoznik Insurance