Rachel Sapoznik Emerges as A Trusted COVID-19 Thought Leader

Rachel Sapoznik, Founder, CEO & President of Sapoznik Insurance, has emerged as a prominent and incredibly important voice during the #COVID19 outbreak. As a healthcare insurance expert—as well as a business owner and landlord—Rachel sits at a unique crossroads of expertise and has provided the press— and our citizens — with unparalleled information regarding how to best navigate this crisis from many angles.

Rachel has dedicated her time and efforts early on in providing pertinent, accurate information regarding the coronavirus, and the best steps for everyone to take, in real-time. As the virus came stateside, Rachel spearheaded the creation of The COVID19 Resource Center on our website, providing a destination for coronavirus-related information and advice for employers and employees alike.

In the past few weeks, Rachel has appeared on ABC’s Local10 news and in The South Florida Business Journal, South Florida Business and Wealth, and The Sun Sentinel to educate everyone on action items to take in the wake of coronavirus: importance of telemedicine, compliance considerations, the necessary workplace precautions and when to take them, how to handle maintenance medications, the nuts and bolts of the Paycheck Protection Act and The CARES Act, and so many more. We are incredibly grateful for her thought leadership during this confusing and deeply concerning time.

There has been a lot of noise and a lot of information from authority figures in this space, and we appreciate Rachel’s clear, concise and important messages on how to best take care of ourselves and our businesses right now.