The Mask

Unmasked, why?

That’s the question I ask myself every time I see someone walking around without a mask.  I think that there are a few reasons why people aren’t wearing them. Some believe that they aren’t sick so why wear one; others say that it is hard to breathe and they are uncomfortable; and unfortunately, some are just unmoved and don’t realize the importance of wearing one.

The public debate on this topic is heated. Yet, this isn’t a political issue. It is a societal health issue, one that will impact our community and our country economically and culturally. Study after study has proven that masks help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. A German research study concluded that in the town of Jena and other German regions that introduced face masks before the rest of the country to test whether the requirement makes a difference in the number of new cases concluded that requiring face masks decreases the growth rate of COVID-19 by about 40%.

Want a less “scientific” approach? Then read about a real-life example of two hairdressers in Missouri who had close contact with 140 clients while having the virus, yet not a single client tested positive. Why? Everyone wore a mask.

So, let’s discuss the above reasons for not wearing a mask:

  • I’m not displaying any symptoms. You may be asymptomatic.
  • It is hard to breathe and uncomfortable. While masks can be stuffy, they allow for normal breathing. Doctors confirm that the actual lowering of oxygen levels is highly unlikely unless you have a medical condition. Physicians and medical professionals have been wearing masks for an eternity, especially during high-pressure situations without complaining. I’d rather be a bit uncomfortable than the alternative.
  • You just don’t see a need for wearing a mask. This is more difficult to address because being unmoved by our current environment is hard to understand. I am hopeful that if you are in this category, you think of all the harm you are causing others and the economy of our country. Think about your family, or think about just one person you love and how you would feel if they suddenly contracted the virus and had to be put on a ventilator because you refused to wear a mask.

Isn’t it time that we all face the facts and wear a mask? A mask is not a big ask for the sake of our country!


Written by Beatriz Lucki, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Sapoznik Insurance