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What makes a great insurance broker?

I started in the insurance industry totally by accident while going through a life-changing event! When I had my children, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, and left the workforce. It was a wonderful six years until my divorce forced me to go back to work. I had to face reality. I had no relevant work experience. I was lost. I needed flexibility with my career and income since I was the primary caregiver for my children. I didn’t want to miss the important school functions and recitals that helped shape my children into the adults they are today. I shared my concerns with a dear friend of mine. She recommended I speak with her brother that had started his own insurance agency.  After learning about group health insurance, I was hooked, and I found my passion!  I began to study for my state license and within a month I was helping companies!    

Fast forward 28 years, I’ve seen it all, and I feel compelled to write this blog!  This is an everchanging, challenging industry and it requires constant education and information to keep up. 

  Rising healthcare costs are one of the biggest obstacles facing companies today. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and helping others understand the complexity of this industry. I get excited when I learn of a new, creative way to approach benefits and I am always eager to share with clients. Most people get excited about the latest Apple innovation or update, but I get excited about the latest compliance update. 

 Most brokers have not evolved to the changing dynamics. They tend to visit their clients during the annual renewal period, offering little to no support or resources throughout the year. They wait for the premium increase, and then just negotiate a couple of percentage points off the increase and then continue about their day.  This isn’t good enough. Times have changed!   

 According to MetLife’s 19th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2021, 27% of employees say they’re less productive at work because of financial worries, up from 23% in April of 2020. Even more frightening is that in the same survey, 86% of employees say finances are a top source of stress for them now and in the future. Integrating financial wellbeing as part of program recommendations is integral to making a difference for clients and their employees. As underscored by the MetLife Survey, financial woes aren’t going away. Equally as important to address is mental, social, and physical wellbeing. Great brokers help employers channel these concerns into action by enhancing and creating benefits packages that deliver a holistic approach to benefits. 

A great broker is a business advisor and is always looking out for their client’s best interest. Clients have a plethora of options as to whom to select based on service and support. A good broker will provide you with various plan designs and negotiate a lower rate. A great broker will offer a comprehensive selection of products, services, and creativity to meet any reasonable insurance or non-insurance-related need. A great broker will also know the different policies and coverages available, all while offering resources and support in HR, compliance, administration, employee communication, enrollment, and much more! Furthermore, they can illustrate how benefits can be a true asset to the company year-round. 

Your agent should offer a strategic, quality, and comprehensive benefits package that can help you attract and retain your most valued assets, your employees Great brokers also offer creative solutions to contain costs and use data to drive strategy, placing a greater emphasis on consumer-driven plans, and promoting corporate wellness programs in the workplace.  Employees who understand the value of their benefits and believe in what you offer are your biggest advocates!  

I live and breathe insurance. It helped me find my passion. I love helping companies realize what a comprehensive strategy can do for their business.  

Having the right guidance when making this critical decision can have a major impact on your company’s future. Great brokers recognize the environmental changes and help employers and employees pivot when necessary and focus on the things that matter most.  Choose your benefits advisor wisely.  


Written by Ileana Miranda, Benefits Advisor, Sapoznik Insurance