When Flights & Hotels Are Out, RV Camping is the COVID Pivot

COVID-19 has brought many changes to our lives…

and has forced us to spend more time by ourselves and learn more about who we are. Our CEO, Rachel Sapoznik, decided that there was no time like the present to cross another item off her bucket list. Rachel has always wanted to road trip through the USA. It just took a pandemic to give her the nudge she needed. Grabbing the opportunity, she decided to purchase an RV and discover the USA’s back roads and the back roads to her innermost thoughts.

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RV and road-tripping have opened new roads for the traveling public. Count Rachel Sapoznik among them. The Miami-based health benefits administration company executive’s family tradition is to travel each summer. They’ve gone to Europe, taken cruises, explored places new and unknown. When COVID hit, cruises were scuttled. Air travel abroad was grounded. And who wants to travel by plane or sleep in a hotel anyway with the pervasive threat of COVID? So in July, Sapoznik pivoted.

“We love to travel,” she recalled recently. “When we saw that wasn’t going to happen, we decided to do something different.” So instead of shopping travel itineraries, Sapoznik went shopping for an RV.

Bucket list item

The idea dawned on her as she drove past an RV park near her vacation home in Connecticut. Each time she’d drive by, her interest was piqued even further. So Sapoznik stopped by Longview RV near Hartford to discuss the models that might suit her style.

“They didn’t think I was for real,” she recalled. “We took a look and I said, ‘this is unbelievable.’”

Sapoznik isn’t alone. Anyone who follows the RV industry – even those who don’t but have been following the news – knows RV sales have been on a tear. Hundreds of thousands of new and used RVs of all styles – travel trailers, fifth wheels, sprinters, and Class As, Bs, and Cs – have been sold since March. In July when Sapoznik went looking for a camper, more than 43,000 RVs were sold, up 53% over July 2019, notes industry group RVIA.

After viewing several models, Sapoznik was smitten with the 2021 Forest River Sunseeker 3040 C-class RV. Among its highlights are a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed slideout, a walk-in closet, a split bathroom, and sleeping for eight when the U-shaped dinette, sofa, and cab-over bunk are used.

The kitchen features a 10 cubic-foot-foot refrigerator and a convection microwave. Sapoznik’s upgrades included satellite and solar.

“Inside, it’s like a little apartment. It’s literally a rolling house that drives like a car,” said Sapoznik, a first-time RVer who was enthusiastic about the RV’s design and simplicity. “I told them I’m not the typical RV person. You need to do commercials about me buying an RV.”.

Her first trip out from her vacation home, Sapoznik road-tripped with a friend and their daughters to #KOA RV Park in New Hampshire. They followed up with trips around Connecticut, Vermont, and as far north as Maine. She’s explored the outdoors, enjoyed camping fare, even painted landscapes.

No first-time jitters here. In fact, she quickly fell into the RV lifestyle.

“I’m behind the wheel and people are staring at me. We’re two blondes rolling into the campground, with all our kids piling out,” she said. “It takes like three minutes to hook everything up. I’m like, ‘I could so do this.’”

People stop traffic and spot her as she parks and pulls out of the campsite. She’s been introduced to Facebook and other online camping sites. Numerous social media friends have congratulated Sapoznik, shared their own stories, offered advice, and encouraged her further explorations. “It was such an unknown. I love the people.”

It’s a far cry from when Sapoznik first camped. She was a 6-year-old in Miami when her neighbor took her on an outing. “It wasn’t in my world.”

Times have changed. Now, she’s hooked. RV vacations will save her money and allay concerns about staying in a hotel. In fact, a study from CBRE Hotels Advisory Group found RV vacations were the most economical of eight popular vacation types for a family of four. RVers will average 27% to 62% less money per day compared to other vacation options studied, researchers found.

As seen in RoadTripMojo, written by Jeff Zbar.