A Passion For Wellness

In an age of ever-rising healthcare costs, A Passion for Wellness is a must-read for today’s corporate executive. This engaging book is your resource for learning how wellness education, strategy and implementation can promote a shift from treating illnesses to promoting health. It guides the reader through all the steps of instituting a corporate wellness program. It also lays out the myriad financial and human benefits that come with an increased focus on wellcare.

  • Dollars saved for every dollar spent on wellness: $3.27 (2013 Aflac Workforce Report)
  • Absenteeism costs reduced by $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness (CDC)
  • Tobacco cessation and alcohol abuse screening can potentially save 2 million lives and nearly $4 billion annually
  • Total costs of diabetes and prediabetes: $322 billion annually
  • A modest reduction in avoidable risk factors could lead to a gain of more than $1 trillion annually in labor supply and efficiency by 2023 (Milken Institute)
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