Practice Manager

September 3, 2020

Dear Jacqueline,

I was deeply touched by our conversation last week. I was alone, lost, and afraid and going through so much. The last thing I needed was an insurance problem. I called you crying. As always, you gave me the confidence that you would resolve my problem professionally. Then, you went beyond.

You listened with compassion and empathy and gave me the words I needed to hear to find comfort after having lost my mom the day before.  I cannot put into words how soothing your tone was and how genuine I know you were being. You sounded as if you were holding back your own tears.

Most people execute tasks efficiently and they are done. It takes a caring soul to contribute comforting words and concerns. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. That changed my day. I was able to make it through that horrible day.

I pray for blessings to pour over you. I am so happy that in a world where we are sometimes encouraged to keep boundaries you chose to pour your blessings on me. Do not change… ever.


Practice Manager