The Importance of Wellness

The workplace in recent years has embraced a new view of healthcare. It’s about more than reactively dealing with medical problems as they arise. It centers on promoting healthy lifestyles. At a time when fewer than 30 percent of employees consider their healthcare as well-care, Sapoznik Insurance is flipping the equation and helping employers and employees view wellness as integral to better living.

Introducing corporate wellness into the workplace has a profound impact on healthcare costs, morale, and productivity. Our education-based approach helps create excitement among employers and employees and strengthens employee adoption and commitment.

Buy-in and commitment must start at the top. We work with Human Resource administrators, owners, CEOs, and senior management to help them understand why healthy employees are vital to their financial success. We work with employees to get them invested in the company’s vision. This focus on wellness creates a paradigm shift in the way that executives look at benefits — and employees view health.

Employee buy-in is also essential. For workplace wellness programs to work, employees must trust the program, the employer, and their motives. When workplace wellness is viewed holistically beyond reduced claim expenses, employees are happier and healthier. Productivity and job performance rise. Absenteeism drops. Equally important, wellness initiatives improve workers’ health consciousness. The equation flips and everyone benefits.

At Sapoznik Insurance, “Where Health Benefits” is more than a slogan; it’s the path to healthier living. By partnering with businesses who care about their employees, Sapoznik transforms our expertise in wellness into a healthier bottom line for our clients.

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