Why Wellness? A Story by Mary Kreischer

“Why Wellness?” The definition today of wellness is the process of becoming aware and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s more than being free from illness; it is a process of change and growth. “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

My journey, or my awareness, started when I was 10.  I was around my older relatives and was exposed to all their health issues. Some were physical, and some were mental.  We had cancer, heart disease, depression, and alcoholism, to name a few.  My parents would talk to my sister and me to help us understand what was going on around our family. I was one of those kids that always asked, “why,” and observed everything.

Some of my older relatives worked in factories where the environment was not ideal, and many of them had heart and lung issues. Most of my family members were overweight, smoked and drank regularly. My one great uncle never married and was a male nurse who always cared for whoever in the family needed it. Once they were all gone, including my grandmother who died horribly of cancer, (his sister, whom he was the closest to), he lost his purpose in life, fell into a deep depression, started drinking and died shortly after.

My father smoked from the time he was a young teen, developed lung cancer, and died at the age of 57.  My mother, also a smoker, had emphysema and her heart finally gave out, but she made it to 75. My Father-in-law, also a smoker, died from hardening of the arteries from smoking and had a major heart attack at 71.  Two Brothers-in-law…gone at 57 and 51.

My husband and I always kept an eye on our children’s and personal health.  I stopped smoking at 19, my husband never smoked.  We were mindful of our weight, and we would diet and exercise when necessary. I would research and learn all I could and nurture health not destroy it. I even studied nursing to learn more.

After years of seeing so many factors play parts in an individual’s well-being, whether it be environmental, physical or mental, I learned that the human body has an enormous capacity to heal itself if given the right atmosphere and tools.  I became an advocate and wanted to support others to do the same.  I want to help people come to the same awareness that I did.  Today, with my clients, if I can reach just one person at a time and help them to change and encourage their awareness, then I have done something good in this life.” – Mary Kreischer, CCWS, Sapoznik Insurance

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